Printables: Brochure / Options

To begin, please follow these three simple steps so that we may help streamline the telling of your story in the quickest and painless way possible:

Step One: If you haven't already done so, please take the time to read through this brochure.

Step Two: Review your options below

We have three production options for you to review.
Each one of these can be altered and customized for your personal needs.

Option One
A full day of filming two to three sit down interviews in your home or office. We will need as many family photos or videos as you have so we can build your story. Before this session, I will need to do a sit down interview with you about your life story. Editing of your final film will take two weeks. You will receive ten copies of your DVD or Blu Ray in a personalized case and your final film will be placed on Vimeo with a secured password. Our production crew will consist of three to four people.
Cost: $3750.00

Option Two
Same as option one with the addition of a separate day of filming at a location of your choice that is close to your first filming location. This day of filming could involve other family members, friends, or a special event.
Cost: $6500.00

Option Three
This is a customized option that can include multiple locations filmed over time. These take time to plan. This may include filming family retreats, special celebrations, or several other interviews. Cost will depend on final production schedule.

Note: Air travel and accommodations would have to be applied where applicable.

Step Three:

Once you are ready to start the process, please take the time to fill out this simple form so that we may better understand your story and design the production plan best suited for your film: click here for online form